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What’s news in the life of Jamandru Reynolds.

Expanding Force

Inspired by some mind-blowing sets the last several years at Mindgames‘ The Labyrinth event in Japan, I set out to make a playlist of music I’d play on those sweet Function One’s if given the chance.

Originally I set out to make a dark psychedelic mix but the beauty and awe in the tracks I gravitated towards transformed the vibe into a Cosmosis-like outer space journey. These tracks bring to mind images from science documentaries depicting the universe expanding by the theoretical forces of dark matter. Deep space expanding, a blueprint for a positive psychedelic experience.


Ran Dry

I’ve been finding a lot of great soul/blues-based House music and put some of them together in this ultra-moody mix.

The lyrics are mostly about relationship issues which remind me of feeling stuck in that grey area between love and discord that you generously label as ‘passion’. The kind of dysfunctional relationship you know you should escape from but some dark urge compels you to cling on and try to make it work. They say, “You accept the love you think you deserve.” So, do you really think you can do any better? If that deliberation gives you any anguish then the answer is “Yes”. Yes, you can.



This is my take on what it might sound like if you were abducted by aliens, transformed into a bio-tech sonic weapon, and returned with god-like power to terraform Earth into a barren wasteland for the aliens. Which is not much of a stretch from what most Dubstep producers are doing to us.


G-Whip Loaded

Hip-Hop over Dubstep and Trap music. Loaded in every sense of the word (drunk/high, rich, packing heat, riding dirty, bass in the trunk).


Induced Turbulence

Sometimes Dub Techno tracks can be so full of natural beauty and yet somehow devoid of any sense of humanity or even the familiarity of our world. The feeling I get while listening to them makes me think of the imagery we are getting back from the Mars rovers and the Cassini spacecraft: Dust swirling on Mars’ baron deserts, gas jets spewing from a frozen moon, storm clouds spontaneously erupting on the surface of Saturn. Turbulence derived from a pure cause-and-effect phenomenon of chemical reactions. Although, I question whether they are merely following the laws of physics.