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What’s news in the life of Jamandru Reynolds.


This is my take on what it might sound like if you were abducted by aliens, transformed into a bio-tech sonic weapon, and returned with god-like power to terraform Earth into a barren wasteland for the aliens. Which is not much of a stretch from what most Dubstep producers are doing to us.

It comes in two parts. Ab:duction is more of a cinematic head-trip while In:duction is more of a head-banging thrashing.


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ab:duction tracklist

No. Track Artist Label
1 escape or die james ruskin tresor
2 cinema (chimpo remix) wu-tang clan iHipHop
3 step deep variant field desert trax
4 internal james ruskin blueprint records
5 nowhere to run (datsik & excision remix) apex lifted music
6 nectar sensient zenon records
7 titan the grip alert oblivion fringe
8 segfault gravity, b1t crunch3r gamma audio
9 hideout archrival bass star records
10 noise grinder (juss b remix) b1t crunch3r gradient audio
11 shadow (6blocc remix) matt green steps in time recordings
12 3-to-5 kpk insectmind
13 fuck you alien pimp dubkraft records
14 the new style (bassbin twins remix) m6 bassbin records
15 hearts response orphan101 deca rhythm
16 CCTV monolake monolake
17 turn on metalogic boshke beats records
18 sexe d’un ange alien pimp dubkraft records
19 oregonite b1t crunch3r gamma audio
20 arrival xhin stroboscopic artefacts

in:duction tracklist

No. Track Artist Label
1 arrival xhin stroboscopic artefacts
2 warperd corpse alert oblivion fringe
3 titanium ibenji rottun recordings
4 headbanga excision, downlink rotton recordings
5 super mega death ray (RUN DMT remix) figure heavy artillery recordings
6 who got the bomb ajapai rottun recordings
7 deception au5 atom recordings
8 no turning back SPL smog
9 force noiz, excision ex7
10 cobalt SPL hollow point recordings
11 atmolam dj boss arms
12 suspect jonah k gamma audio
13 gorilla flex funtcase 420 records
14 shudder boot paradise lost
15 destroid 2 wasteland excision, downlink, space laces destroid music
16 no shelter mesck deceast
17 miss u TKR trenchant dubs
18 lakeviews resoe echocord
19 omega (deafblind & mesck remix) press, b1t crunch3r gradient audio
20 escape or die james ruskin tresor

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