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What’s news in the life of Jamandru Reynolds.

Boo’s Hootie

I love me some Ghetto Tech music so I rounded up some tracks and put them to a mix. To give it my own flare–and add some quality sounds to their janky production–I layered in some Techno, House, and Electro in the background.

While I was looking for images for the cover art I came across this Remy Martin campaign. The fantasy of the light-skinned black girl and the exotic asian girl vying for the sexual attentions of this urban male cracked me up. I spoofed their ad with a much more realistic and comically horrific situation: a boozed up fool hitting on a tranny while his disgusted, powerful girlfriend is about to whoop his ass.

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No. Track Artist Label
1 on your face dj rashad juke trax online
2 sucre ft. qzen john tejada palatte recordings
3 my ghetto passport dj omega databass online
4 regular absorbency jacob london clasic music company
5 shake that thang dj omega databass records
6 big ol booty dj x-change databass online
7 musique parfums – 2 gether stop danny lloyd presslab limited
8 do u wanna ride jonny megabyte databass online
9 when ya hear… jonny megabyte databass online
10 filthy, naughty little beats – nathan coles remix ty tek phrunky recordings
11 what i like non stop djs databass online
12 the truth lawnchair generals lowdown music
13 roll it, ride it, shake it dj godfather, big daddy rick databass records
14 grown & sexy dj omega databass online
15 flow – dub mix joris voorn green
16 take it off typhonic databass online
17 booty perculate dj godfather databass records
18 rocketman – uto karem remix fergie excentric muzik
19 ooo…i’m tellin’ dj godfather databass online
20 to the bone – jamie jones deep sea dub danton eeprom tsuba
21 pole tricks dj knowledge databass online
22 on and on – hustlin mix ron allen, deep 6 syndicate strobe records
23 push up pull down mister ries databass records
24 everything heuristic audio satamile records
25 forgive or forget mr. de’ electrofunk records
26 orgasm subfractal binge records
27 return of voices erik travis databass records
28 carlos elon dumb unit
29 the runner non stop djs databass online
30 big n round claude vonstroke dirtybird
31 big pussy non stop djs databass online
32 nasty girl gaiser, heartthrob minus
33 give it up mr. de’ electrofunk records
34 freak – jimpster dub sandy rivera, haze defected
35 hey there dj omega databass online

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