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What’s news in the life of Jamandru Reynolds.

DS Fantasy

I was thinking how dubstep gets it’s roots from three directions: dub/reggae -> drum’n'bass; hip-hop -> headz; and techno -> electronica. I decided to make a mix for each of those, trying to make them all quintessentially dubstep yet have very different vibes.

The first in the series, DS Fantasy, is dubby techno and chill-out electronica. I wanted it to feel spacey and mellow.

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No. Artist Track Label
1 pinch airlock tectonic
2 pangaea coiled hessle audio
3 optimus grime annhilation of the ego bassweight records
4 headhunter grounded tempa
5 2562 kameleon tectonic
6 asusu bruwa dubkraft records
7 headhunter & ekelon timewarp planet mu
8 shut up & dance epileptic (martyn’s no strobe mix) shut up & dance
9 headhunter paradigm shift tempa
10 colin hobbs ocean trench white noise recordings
11 kontext aeromonarch attacks immerse records
12 pinch widescreen tectonic
13 revolt op screwe dub mode recordings
14 scuba poppies hotflush recordings

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