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What’s news in the life of Jamandru Reynolds.

Frenzy Fuck!

Whoah, this is one glitchy headbanging raver’s hot mess of a Dubstep mix!

Usually when I’m shopping for music I filter out the crazy noise and opt for the more subtle, clever, groovy tracks. Once in a while, however, I come across a track that is so mad, so out there, I just can’t pass it up. Here are some of the wildest examples of what I mean. For the sake of the listener, I tried to break up the murder tracks with some party/comedy tracks to keep the momentum going and so it never gets too self-important.

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No. Track Artist Label
1 jump start barbarix foul play records
2 escape from horror house jacob london u-freqs
3 breakfast – liquid stranger gourmet mixture goto 80 bleepstreet
4 warning ajapai rottun recordings
5 scooby snacks dj godfather databass online
6 party favour – flinch remix fantastadon, hot pink delorean pieces of eight records
7 armored core reso civil music
8 boombox – bassnectar remix bassnectar child’s play
9 bounce on the floor typhonic databass online
10 printer jam – barbarix remix mistabishi hospital records
11 we are not a rock band – buckfunk 3000 mix s.i. futures novamute
12 spellbound spl hollow point recordings
13 get funky brero crazy rabbit recordings
14 invaders excision, datsik ex7
15 yeah what turbofresh lick the wrap records
16 chainsaw calligraphy – kanji kinetic remix 16bit boka records
17 we are your friends whisker twister n/a
18 1×1 – phil kieran beatport mix motor novamute
19 candy flip orbatak bass punch records
20 boom – skism remix excision, datsik rottun recordings
21 chucky bare noize z audio
22 gargoyle doctor p circus
23 bass low otto von schirach ENTER
24 new era kanji kinetic tigerbeat6
25 nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! utau n/a
26 drum n bladez rmx – phokus remix ekelon police in helicopter
27 what n-ter databass online
28 big d mad zach, r2 the specialist muti music

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