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I’ve wanted to do a Dubstep vs Hip-Hop battle mix for a while now but it’s quite hard to find Hip-Hop tracks that can reach the super-slow (or super-fast) tempo of Dubstep. After doing some heavy research, I found some slow-beat gems and it all came together rather nicely. The Dubstep and Hip-Hop tracks work so well with each other that it borders on a mashup or remix of the old school vibes.

My method was to build a base Dubstep mix, composed of Headz style tracks, then started to throw in all sorts of classic Hip-Hop and Booty-Bass cuts over it. I used the 4-channel Traktor Pro layout, often playing 3 tracks at once. this is definitely my most complex and most heavily planned-out mix to date.

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No. Artist Track Label
1 dj magic mike feel the bass again cheetah records
2 rumblejunkie beginning to shake dirty circuit records
3 matty g turf w*rz scion audio visual-dub police
4 scarface recognize rap-a-lot records
5 joker do it kapsize
6 jay-z big pimpin’ roc-a-fella records
7 noah d, babylon system california style argon records
8 cypress hill ultraviolet dreams columbia
9 skream emotionally mute tempa
10 bass mekanik bass operator pandisc
11 deep oblivion was it jazz insectmind
12 the beastie boys high plains drifter capitol records
13 the widdler lady dub studio rockers
14 richie august, skope diesel make em cum savory audio
15 subjazz subreal dubkraft records
16 snoop doggy dogg lodi dodi death row records
17 matty g the scratch the bass argon records
18 joker digidesign hyperdub
19 2 live crew ghetto bass ii luke skyywalker records

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