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What’s news in the life of Jamandru Reynolds.

Greeting The Fear Overlord

The horror movie vibe in the first track was the catalyst for The Fear theme in this mix. It starts out creepy and evil and builds to a barrage of electro wah-wahs over punishing breaks. The last few tracks takes pity on the listener and offers some respite as well as some introspection.

I used the word “Greeting” in the title because I think it’s useful to face your fears and even welcome them into your being. Once you come to terms with the root cause and they become assimilated in your psyche, they no longer have a crippling effect on you. Fear is often an illusion that deliberate thought can dismantle.

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No. Artist Track Label
1 vesicle devil’s house paradise lost
2 zeno lazer wolf 2010 brap dem! records
3 maze x realize rest in beatz
4 fagile, eye-ten down dirty dub rogue dubs
5 dash exp lull insectmind
6 killeralien alcyonis (w/ micron) gamma audio
7 culprate humpy dumpy dubsaw records
8 alert caidoz oblivion fringe
9 downlink station siz rottun recordings
10 tombs tone tomb’s tone oblivion fringe
11 boxcutter grub planet mu
12 vesicle mastodon paradise lost
13 optimus gryme, zensunni sonotori optimus gryme recordings
14 distance cella planet mu
15 the foot soldiers haunting insectmind
16 wireman axiom prime numbers

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