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Induced Turbulence

Sometimes Dub Techno tracks can be so full of natural beauty and yet somehow devoid of any sense of humanity or even the familiarity of our world. The feeling I get while listening to them makes me think of the imagery we are getting back from the Mars rovers and the Cassini spacecraft: Dust swirling on Mars’ baron deserts, gas jets spewing from a frozen moon, storm clouds spontaneously erupting on the surface of Saturn. Turbulence derived from a pure cause-and-effect phenomenon of chemical reactions. Although, I question whether they are merely following the laws of physics.

Turbulence is so crucial for life on Earth. It stirs the available elements, producing instances of predictable systems and yet diverge enough to create new possibilities. Turbulence creates fractals which have an intelligence in their own right: they provide a system for plants to grow upon; they are utilized in the fissures of the brain to inscribe experience. Turbulence appears to be intent on complexity–the kind of complexity that life thrives upon. Perhaps turbulence is life trying to pull itself up by the bootstraps.

It doesn’t seem unlikely that a frequency could emerge from the fabric of the universe and set off a chain reaction of physical events on an otherwise baron planet, composing an intelligent complexity which can recycle and adapt for sustenance, experience and indeed the existence of life itself.

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No. Track Artist Label
1 bronze leaves fall first aeroc ghostly international
2 metaphysical storm silent harbour echocord
3 hermsdorfer kreuz daniel stefanik statik entertainment
4 spatialdimension (intrusion dub) echospace echospace [detroit]
5 gas snake donato dozzy, lerosa apnea
6 safari brendon moeller third ear recordings
7 fallen night renew james ruskin, regis, O/V/R blueprint records
8 variance 4 (regis edit) function sandwell district
9 love unlimited (resoes unter den linden dub) johan fotmeijer baum
10 the honest man john tejada kompakt
11 ohfield twerk audible oddities
12 tetris monolake monolake
13 metro tadeo net28
14 desert night (flowing rmx) fluxion echocord
15 have mercy geoff white force inc.
16 etukeno karri o statik entertainment
17 twilight intrusion echospace [detroit]
18 maneuvre leftover statik entertainment
19 exiting the milkyway (surgeon remix) traversable wormhole clr
20 among the wizard tops vincent casanova subtropical records
21 pattern 2 conceiled project svek
22 the gasps and fissures parade (fractured dub) symbio blipswitch digital
23 brew axel boman ourvision recordings
24 desolate plains leftover baum
25 link xhin stroboscopic artefacts
26 memba fluxion echocord
27 atomium monolake monolake
28 reflection i (inhaked by area) intrusion echospace [detroit]

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