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Legacy: New High Score

I noticed some of the tracks I was collecting had such a high level of ambience that they provoked a situation and setting in my imagination–almost like a soundtrack. So why not make a DJ mix soundtrack, I thought. A good story needs a lot of different experiences but DJ’ing is often intentionally kept very steadily on the same vibe. So that the mood would have some forced variance I decided to use a real film as a template. Gradually, I came to the point where the DJ mix was created and timed for the film. The film? Tron Legacy.

I chose this film because the rich visuals and peppy pacing made a stimulating experience to work within. The Grid is a perfect setting for the kind of Techno, Electro, and Dubstep I collect. Plus, the fluffy dialog from the vaguely rational plot would barely missed when my custom audio took over. The film was so perfect for my DJ world that, in a sense, it became just another track that I would mix with.

One of the greatest pleasures you get as a DJ is when, by chance, harmonious coincidences occur with the sounds you are overlapping. This mix not only has audio coincidences but visual ones as well. For the most part, I merely chose a track with the right feel for the scene, found a cue point to make it fit the duration and let it go. Very often it miraculously created meaningful sound effects, mood swings, and in some cases, dialog.

If you have the film on disc you should be able to start this mix at the same time as the movie and have everything line up (Hint: the first horizontal light flicker in the Disney logo animation should correspond with the first glitch sound in the mix). If you have Tron Legacy as a video file on your computer, and you are feeling tech-savvy, there are ways to embed this mp3 right into the video file itself.

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No. Track Artist Label
1 from over the edge james ruskin tresor
2 unit_onjer twerk force inc.
3 tears justin berkovi incase recordings
4 chest in the attic – franco bianco remix daniela stickroth meerestief
5 scanate alert oblivion fringe
6 the devil in me tkr quebolarecords
7 variance function 542
8 first surgeon tresor
9 deuxieme tournee akufen musique risquee
10 contruct staffan linzatti stockholm ltd
11 transformation b (rotwang’s revenge) jeff mills tresor
12 aranda – lawrence remix egoexpress mule electronic
13 kontrol 2562 tectonic
14 the next little thing extrawelt cocoon recordings
15 seed xhin stroboscopic artefacts
16 down under – sensient remix anna subsonic music
17 human assembly – maetrik remix brian aneurysm, christian quast ironbox
18 black chamber order – blawan remix the black dog dust science
19 we don’t know you – silicone soul remix tusqavna I records
20 i’ll lick your spine – repeat repeat remix let’s go outside soma records
21 chrome introduction silicon scally scsi-av
22 equus sian octopus records
23 don’t stop the beat – short edit anthony rother datapunk
24 labyrinth peter horrevorts echoism
25 hurt you – kanji kinetic remix she is danger she is danger music
26 shadow misanthrop neosignal
27 compuphonic intelligence – jeff taylor remix volsoc pretension records
28 coast to coast silicon scally satamile records
29 fader & matter jurek przezdziecki synewave
30 madman’s playroom sensient senon records
31 the windey man justin maxwell palette recordings
32 cubicle monolake monolake
33 sunburst – dub mix marc romboy simple records
34 endnormalisiert klartraum lucidflow
35 too confuzzled extrawelt ideal audio
36 new world empire – diskchordians remix diskchordians pretension records
37 don’t see the point alex smoke soma records
38 breath me smash tv bpitch control
39 don’t sleep – jonny white & kenny glasgow remix riz mc cdr
40 barraca orphan101 saigon recordings
41 julia – channel x’s weird dream remix glimpse hypercolour
42 daft punk is playing at my house – soulwax shibuya mix lcd soundsystem dfa
43 axiom wireman prime numbers
44 2thousand1 ascion, david carbon eminor records
45 substance abouse erphun, subfractal brood audio
46 stereotype – thomas krome remix brian sanhaji clr
47 lemegeton alert oblivion fringe
48 northern lights sensient zenon records
49 yummy unbroken extrawelt boxer recordings
50 entron silicon scally scsi-av
51 fantasy at dawn heuristic audio satamile records
52 hyperon agaric we are extra
53 bottom heavy maetrik galaktika records
54 midday vampire – viudez remix cesare vs disorder mean
55 the call of the wild silicone soul soma records
56 laus unim selecta dee green (aka fdk) cuatro records
57 under the radar orphan101 deca rhythm
58 msk the advent, industrialyzer kombination research
59 epidemic – filthy disco’s doomstep remix joman velcro city records
60 assassin – the advent remix the advent, jason fernandes, hugo paixao skyline type grooves
61 tachyon traversable wormhole clr
62 the entity maetrik truesoul
63 time catcher metalogic boshke beats records
64 on top of bass dj wreck triangle earth
65 overdrive illektrolab satamile records
66 8000 extrawelt traum
67 vortex – function remix final exposure plus 8 records
68 i am you marcin czubala mobilee records
69 there is no other way synthek loose records
70 see level alert oblivion fringe
71 ferdinand stephan bodzin, marc romboy systematic recordings
72 jeune loup swayzak k7 records
73 rendered carl finlow satamile records
74 convergence random factor 240 volts

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