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What’s news in the life of Jamandru Reynolds.


I got an urge to make a techno mix that was fast and hectic (like the stuff I used to like when I first started dj’ing) but as I began to build the playlist I remembered how taxing a non-stop hard techno set can get. In my mind, I likened those hard tracks to certain recreational chemicals – they can get you moving, but it’s easy to burn out. To get the best effect, you need water and some organic materials to facilitate the breakdown and transportation to your brain. Otherwise your system dehydrates and locks up. In this way, I got the idea to space out the hard tracks with juicy/bubbly/groovy tracks. The result worked well, in my opinion.

So hit play and listen to the metaphorical enzymes crunching away at the chemical’s raw material. It’s the stuff of life.

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No. Artist Track Label
1 the advent templar – ad-in mix kombination research
2 tadeo 4 net28
3 jurek przedziecki tone officium model
4 adam beyer AWC part III truesoul
5 re-up nobody is perfect kina music
6 surgeon part 1 counterbalance
7 ortin cam new found glory traum
8 maetrik evil terms ironbox
9 alland byallo true – kenneth scott remix nightlight music
10 re-up inside us upon you records
11 theodor zox deflux neopren
12 steve lawler violet viva music
13 david keno liquid – someone else remix keno records
14 repeat repeat bounce your body to the box soma recordings
15 carlo lio purple soul sci+tec digital audio
16 mensico -8 net28
17 willie graff, tuccillo 123 yeah yeah freerange records
18 richie inkle rationell pseudo records

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