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Operatív Noctürn

Once in a while I come across a track that is so profound and so moving that it makes most of the stuff I listen to pale in comparison. These producers must be classically trained, or well-practiced, or just have an aptitude for it because their music has the richness of great orchestral compositions with the freshness of their popular electronic music counterparts. Despite my profound admiration for these tracks, finding an appropriate situation to play them in is actually quite rare so I’ve made an effort to provide them with this forum, totally dedicated to enhancing their power. Here they are in all of their deep, dreamy, and psychedelic splendor.

The title refers to The Agent that sets your dreams (and hallucinations) in motion. Sometimes wonderful, sometimes disturbing, but always bold and adventurous.

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No. Artist Track Label
1 robag wruhme inrespekt lessizmore
2 pikaya jive meander music
3 jamie jones amazon freak n chic
4 kimouts down to earth – mymy monterrey wash remix 1 buzzin’ fly
5 gui boratto tipologia – lucy remix parquet recordings
6 maetrik being used ironbox
7 plasmik eight to nine connaisseur recordings
8 lawrence swap – carsten jost remix ladomat 2000
9 cobblestone jazz change your apesuit K7 records
10 K3000, chaim, zidan style bedolff – guy gerber remix circle music
11 luciano pizzella my personal gallery – stefan tretau remix fortek
12 matzak african roots boxer recordings
13 jurek przezdziecki absolutely nothing living
14 touane landers grove persona
15 sarah goldfarb dreams will save us treibstoff
16 matzak puzzle bubble kickboxer recordings
17 seph, pablo denegri obsure dumb unit
18 geddes, audiofly somewhere mood music records
19 inaqui marin beija flor regular
20 extrawelt im garten von eben – max cooper tensor mix traum
21 lula circus charlotte boulevard children of tomorrow

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