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Orders of Magnitude

Back in the 70′s Charles and Ray Eames created a short educational film called The Powers of Ten which beautifully illustrates the relative size of things at every level in the expanse of our understanding of the universe. There have been more recent attempts at the same basic concept–IMAX’s Cosmic Voyage was one. Most recently, I experienced a phenomenal planetarium show called Journey to the Stars at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

Reflecting on those visual experiences while listening to techno, I decided that some tracks sound epic and expansive, while some seem to tinker around in microscopic spaces. It was at that point that I decided to make a DJ mix version of those outstanding videos.

This mix starts out at the scale of a single atom and takes a journey all the way to the outer limits of the universe. Listen as clouds of atoms clump together to form molecules. Those molecules are sculpted to create cells. Those cells act in chorus to animate animals. Those animals colonize to create vast cityscapes. Those cities achieve the ability to view the planet as a whole. Launch probes to the edge of our solar system. Study distant stars and planets. Theorize about traveling the speed of light. Conceptualize the effect of black holes. Calculate the mass of entire nebulas and galaxies. Reflect on the entirety of their universe. Dare to imagine what lies beyond.

I realize that trying to assign music tracks to various scales is highly subjective. Whether or not I succeeded in creating this illusion, I’ll let you decide. I hope it at least has the effect of broadening your mind and expanding your senses.

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BONUS: If you put this mix on loop, you’ll find that the end blends perfectly into the beginning. I wanted to create this recursive effect based on a theory I remember from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos TV series. To paraphrase, when we look at the atomic level, the huge gaps of empty space between atoms is a lot like the vast space between galaxies–what if these galaxies are seen as mere atoms in another, larger universe?! what if that is the deliniation to another dimension?!


No. Track Artist Label
1 split communication billy dalessandro harthouse
2 malk adam johnson merck
3 dana – guy gerber remix chaim dogtown
4 skeltas adam kroll squonk
5 doppel gurtz clever music
6 among the wizard tops vincent casanova subtropical records
7 bul ferenc kompakt
8 persian dance nima gorji indigo raw
9 tia anita – filipe venegas remix dani casarano, filipe venegas andes music
10 gulp federico locchi, UGLH great stuff recordings
11 trouble – d’julz remix tom pooks ovum recordings
12 impulsive nights john tejada, arian leviste palette recordings
13 sunshine lover – warbgasm’s ‘factor 50′ remix sam ball variance recordings
14 certain things around you – part 2 mix minilogue traum
15 prana trentemoller audiomatique recordings
16 3AM silicone soul soma records
17 high control spirit catcher systematic recordings
18 sincere freaky chakra run recordings
19 spaceshuttle backpack – prinsjan & dennis ruyer remix patch park little mountain recordings
20 8000 extrawelt traum
21 don’t look back chris carrier adult only
22 vaganza hemmann & kaden freude am tanzen recordings
23 reflection nebula 056n tadeo net28
24 withdrawal gaiser minus
25 sub space romance anthony rother, telekraft telekraft recordings
26 2401 penitant tangent staffan linzatti stockholm ltd
27 seq 2 – turn adam beyer & pär grindvik drumcode
28 scene gui boratto kompakt
29 sleepmode mighty thor drumcode
30 walking through rain on cloudless days jesse somfay archipel
31 attraction – extrawelt remix prime suspect nachtstrom schallplatten
32 virgo tadeo net28

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