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Rollin’ Back

This mix is a collection of jazzy and soulful electronica and deep house, put together with the aim of creating a sense of comfort and warmth to help endure the cold of winter.

For the cover art I found this amazing Finnish landscape photographer, Päivi Valkonen, whose work wonderfully illustrates the tone i was trying to set with this mix. I recommend you take a moment to view more of her work on her website.

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No. Artist Track Label
1 naked music hurry (blue six dub) naked music
2 plej lay of the land exceptional records
3 a hundred birds black water (main mix) wave music
4 jp phillipe she’s a godess (dub) disclosure project
5 cloud winter nights exceptional records
6 plej safe place exceptional records
7 nuspirit helsinki circular motion guidance records
8 plej seasons (hird warmup session remix) nuro
9 vibezelect do what you know (vocal mix) amenti music
10 jazzanova keep on making me high sonar kollektiv
11 weekender spirit in your soul playhouse
12 cyrus, show-b trip to tuscany clubstar
13 the rurals sweet butterfly peng
14 mr. day, patchworks happiness for all still music
15 benny blanko kharmelion playhouse
16 gare du nord how was it for you play it again sam

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