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Sensory Amplification Chamber

I made this mix out of a playlist of weird-and-wonderful minimal techno tracks I put on my iPod to listen to when i couldn’t sleep. As I started to organize the order, I realized that a bunch of these tracks were really long, slow-builders, so I went with a very meditative, long-attention-span approach to the mix.

I think it would be great to listen to this in an isolation tank. Barring that, I recommend you try listening with your eyes shut, or in the dark. It might also be good to play while you work or create as most of the tracks in it have a very enriching, cognitive quality to them.

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No. Artist Track Label
1 lawrence rabbit tube (dj koze remix) mule electronic
2 fusiphorm housed (nicholas sauser remix) goosehound
3 cesare vs disorder midday vampire (viudez remix) mean
4 horror inc. the sentinel revolver records
5 jason & the argonauts les seules les fiers produkt schallplatten
6 billy dalessandro soulchaser (undercover mix) harthouse
7 pablo bolivar across the city (beat pharmacy club dub) dpress industries
8 sven brede mare micro.fon
9 twerk have 10, need 20 n/a
10 ekkohaus the end in view level records duesseldorf
11 guillaume & the coutu dumonts they only come out at night (horror inc remix) musique risquee
12 matzak girl in water (dan berkson & james what remix) boxer recordings
13 jesse somfay i awoke to sand and sea archipel
14 nacho marco sundays in love (mike shannon on tuesdays mix) loudeast
15 rone spanish breakfast infine music
16 cesare vs disorder small creatures resopal schallware
17 minilogue hypnotized cocoon recordings
18 dom kane, faulty robot micro connection xeton records
19 ambivalent cold hands minus
20 aeroc mahy ghostly international
21 anthony rother magic diner viii fax +49-69/450464

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