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What’s news in the life of Jamandru Reynolds.

Mortal Embrace

You’ve been mortally wounded yet somehow you are at peace and accept of your fate with unforeseen courage. As your instincts fight a losing battle for continuity, malfunctioning organs cause strange patterns in your perceptions. This delirious collection of nostalgia and analysis is the final experience you will ever have. You relax and let the sweet solace of the infinite seduce you.


The Good Life

This mix is dedicated to the union of Judah & Yoko, my brother and new sister. There are two parts to this mix: a soulful deep house section–extolling the virtues of love and dedication–and a lively disco house section–celebrating the occasion and the good life we all wish for them.


Legacy: New High Score

I noticed some of the tracks I was collecting had such a high level of ambience that they provoked a situation and setting in my imagination–almost like a soundtrack. So why not make a DJ mix soundtrack, I thought. A good story needs a lot of different experiences but DJ’ing is often intentionally kept very steadily on the same vibe. So that the mood would have some forced variance I decided to use a real film as a template. Gradually, I came to the point where the DJ mix was created and timed for the film. The film? Tron Legacy.


Boo’s Hootie

I love me some Ghetto Tech music so I rounded up some tracks and put them to a mix. To give it my own flare–and add some quality sounds to their janky production–I layered in some Techno, House, and Electro in the background.



Tune in to Astral/Etherial frequencies to free the mind’s eye from the bonds of this divisive, solitary, corporeal state of being and delve into the collective unconsciousness of the universe.

Æ continues my technical exploration with densely-packed 4-deck mixing from To The Top and also uses a bit of the approach from Metabolik in which I sought to break up the monotony of hard techno with an alternate style. Except this time instead of a groovy dance vibe, I went for deeper tracks that–to me–are more spiritual in nature.