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What’s news in the life of Jamandru Reynolds.


Tune in to Astral/Etherial frequencies to free the mind’s eye from the bonds of this divisive, solitary, corporeal state of being and delve into the collective unconsciousness of the universe.

Æ continues my technical exploration with densely-packed 4-deck mixing from To The Top and also uses a bit of the approach from Metabolik in which I sought to break up the monotony of hard techno with an alternate style. Except this time instead of a groovy dance vibe, I went for deeper tracks that–to me–are more spiritual in nature.


To The Top

One day I stumbled upon a bunch of classic house music tracks from my highly impressionable days in the early 90′s. The kind of straight-up, solid-gold house they made before the dance music world splintered into a thousand sub-genres. The rush of nostalgia urged me make a mix in this style but when I made my first attempt something was wrong. It wasn’t standing up to the test of time.

After some introspection I decided that, with Traktor, it was way too easy (and boring) to achieve the mix taking an old-school approach—plus, my attention span just couldn’t tolerate the long repetitive sections. I needed to use the tools at hand to take it to the next level—to modernize it somehow. Simply adding effects was too gimmicky. Editing the tracks down with beat-jumping felt sacrilegious. My favorite approach ended up being to use all four channels in Traktor Pro to layer-up a more engrossing level of complexity. I devised a system that worked for me.


Frenzy Fuck!

Whoah, this is one glitchy headbanging raver’s hot mess of a Dubstep mix!

Usually when I’m shopping for music I filter out the crazy noise and opt for the more subtle, clever, groovy tracks. Once in a while, however, I come across a track that is so mad, so out there, I just can’t pass it up. Here are some of the wildest examples of what I mean. For the sake of the listener, I tried to break up the murder tracks with some party/comedy tracks to keep the momentum going and so it never gets too self-important.

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Dr. Sadomeister & The Maschine

Dr. Sadomeister is a kinky, twisted, mad scientist and his sex-toy/bass machine has come to freak your earholes! They really know how to drop a modern version of the breakbeat electro I grew to love from breakdancing in the 80′s and heavy-bass cars in the 90′s.

(The cover art has yet to be produced so keep an eye out for updates)

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Orders of Magnitude

Back in the 70′s Charles and Ray Eames created a short educational film called The Powers of Ten which beautifully illustrates the relative size of things at every level in the expanse of our understanding of the universe. There have been more recent attempts at the same basic concept–IMAX’s Cosmic Voyage was one. Most recently, I experienced a phenomenal planetarium show called Journey to the Stars at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

Reflecting on those visual experiences while listening to techno, I decided that some tracks sound epic and expansive, while some seem to tinker around in microscopic spaces. It was at that point that I decided to make a DJ mix version of those outstanding videos.

This mix starts out at the scale of a single atom and takes a journey all the way to the outer limits of the universe. Listen as clouds of atoms clump together to form molecules. Those molecules are sculpted to create cells. Those cells act in chorus to animate animals. Those animals colonize to create vast cityscapes. Those cities achieve the ability to view the planet as a whole. Launch probes to the edge of our solar system. Study distant stars and planets. Theorize about traveling the speed of light. Conceptualize the effect of black holes. Calculate the mass of entire nebulas and galaxies. Reflect on the entirety of their universe. Dare to imagine what lies beyond.

I realize that trying to assign music tracks to various scales is highly subjective. Whether or not I succeeded in creating this illusion, I’ll let you decide. I hope it at least has the effect of broadening your mind and expanding your senses.

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